New Slot: Asgardian Stones

asgardian stones slot

Asgardian Stones as Bifrost

Every true fan of Norse mythology must’ve heard about Heimadallr. A God who controls the burning rainbow bridge that leads straight to Asgard, the home of Norse Gods. Once you spin the cascading reels on the Asgardian Stones slot, you will set on a journey to explore the Nordic legends.

The reels feature characters from Norse mythology carved in stones as high paying symbols and card symbols as low paying ones. All this is set on a 5×3 grid with stunning design, intriguing features and innovative gameplay which is topped with colossal symbols.

The slot was scheduled for a release on February 22nd, 2018, so let’s see what exactly you can expect once you cross the Bifrost, and enter Asgard.

Let’s Start Exploring

Asgardian Stones symbols are represented as beautifully, stone-carved God faces which spin in a cascading manner, better known as the Avalanche. Of course, let’s not forget to mention that symbols tend to get colossal at times. These Colossal symbols can get either in 2×2 or 3×3 blocks, and they may show on the reels in full or just partially. However, there is no way that you can get more than 1 colossal symbols on the reels at a time.

Colossal symbols have one nifty addition to them. They are so massive that NetEnt gave these stone symbols the ability to basically crush all the symbols that are beneath. Most of the times, this feature is triggered randomly, and for every subsequent row that gets crushed, you will get a multiplier to your win.

Multiplier meter is set on a separate stone which is hovering on the left hand side from the reels, and you will see that it can get x2, x3 or x4.

There is also a Bonus Wheel symbol block which is 3×3 big, and it can land only on the last three reels. The good thing is that the Bonus Wheel appears in both the main game and the bonus game. This Wheel is divided in sections where 3 sections is for 5 spins each, and 5 sections are reserved for coin wins which go as follows: 100, 2×200, 400 and 2000. There is also a yellowish ring on the wheel which takes 3 positions, and of course, shows your wins. This means that you can land anywhere from 5 to 15 spins for the Bonus feature.

Bonus Spins feature hides a surprise of its own, but it wouldn’t be fun if we revealed everything, would it? Instead of that, we advise you to head over to any NetEnt Casino of your choice, and hit the reels on their Asgardian Stones.