New Slot: Kaiju

kaiju slot

Battle Mode: ON

Kaiju is a big creature that originates from Japan, and has been present in pop culture ever since 1954. The most famous representative in this group would probably be Godzilla. These magnificent beasts inspired Elk Studios to put together a game where they will dominate.

Since Kaiju is a creature which can get huge, Elk’s team considered it to be appropriate for this slot to have expanding reels. These offer numerous winning chances, especially since there are 7776 winning paylines.

Flawlessly designed reels bring you an outstanding gaming experience brimming with some utterly amazing features that range from a unique mix of bonus spins, sticky wilds and already mentioned expanding reels.

The Journey

HA-42 is the ultimate weapon that the humankind has, and she is off to a Kaiju hunt. Once she manages to removes crystals from Kaiju, they will go back to their harmless state of hibernation. These stones are used for trading and as such are important to humans. However HA-42 cannot manage this alone which is why you need to load the game and start spinning the reels.

There are 3 different Kaiju creatures – the red, the green and the blue, but the AH-42’s opponent is selected randomly, at the start of the Kaiju Battle feature. Each of these have a different sets of hotspots which need to be hit by a vertical laser if you want to defeat it, all of the hotspots need to be hit.

The Vertical Laser gets activated when you connect three or more identical vertical symbols. Once activated, the laser will reveal Wilds and expand the reels upwards, however they cannot expand past the Kaiju hotspots. The Wilds however, once revealed, will stay locked in place for the current spin.

The Design

Along with a couple of other, recent Elk Studios releases, Kaiju slot is also Mobile First. You can play the game wherever you go, and it can be played in both portrait mode and landscape mode. However, even though this is a Mobile First design, you will still be able to enjoy this game in Desktop Mode.

Regardless of your display mode preferences, this slot offers amazing graphics that will surely not leave you disappointed. With all the details we’ve just provided you with, all that’s left for you is to test the game yourself because this slot is scheduled for release today, February 22nd, 2018. Don’t miss the chance to be among the first ones to test it.