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A bonus is the best way to start a new online casino. A 100% (match bonus) or 200% bonus, cashback offers & reload bonuses, up to appealing VIP programs, everything is represented with us.

The focus is always on having fun, everyone should be aware of that. That is why we always recommend taking advantage of a bonus the great online experience to enlarge and make it perfect. However, one should not forget that every bonus must be implemented, which must first be mastered before a payout can be made. Even after the first bonus there is usually at least a second one, the so-called “reload bonus”.

The Non-Sticky (Parachute / Life-line) Bonus

When Non-Sticky Bonus you will receive the credit as usual, but initially only play with the deposited real money. As long as you are playing with the real money, you can make a withdrawal at any time. As soon as this is used up, however, the bonus balance has to be converted several times before a payout can be made. Since the real money is not related to the bonus money, this bonus is called a non-sticky or no-sticky bonus.

What is a Non-Sticky Bonus?

Most casinos offers players the traditional ‘sticky bonus’, but rarely you find welcome bonuses called “non-sticky bonus” (non-sticky / no sticky / no-sticky), “parachute bonus” or “lifeline bonus“.

What is the difference between a sticky and non-sticky bonus?

A sticky bonus is known as the traditional bonus – where your real and bonus money are locked until the wagering is complete. After completing the wager requirements you are able to withdraw / cash out the whole balance.

A non-sticky bonus is different. Your real and bonus money are not sticking together, instead they are kept separate. This means you are able to cancel the bonus and do a withdraw / cash out, as long as you haven’t touched the bonus money.

Non-sticky example:

  • You deposit 100€
  • You get a non-sticky bonus of 200%
  • You have a starting balance of 300€
  • 100€ real money + 200€ bonus money
  • You play with your real money first
  • If you never dropped below to the bonus money (200€) …
  • You can cancle the bonus of 200€ any time and …
  • Withdraw the real money balance
  • 100€ real money + winnings – 200€ bonus = cash out

If you went below 100€ at some point the bonus turns into a sticky bonus where you have to complete the wagering first.

How do i know if a bonus in non-sticky?

On this website we only offer the best non-sticky bonuses out there. You don’t have to waste time by searching non-sticky bonuses by yourself and check every single bonus terms & conditions.